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Pervaporation is a low pressure membrane process for organic solvent drying and concentration.

Pervaporation or vapour permeation (depending if the separation is performed in liquid phase or gas phase) is an optimal process to break azeotropes and solve bottlenecking problems at competitive costs.

Main benefits:

  • The solvent can be concentrated down from any water level to very low water content
  • Azeotropes are easily broken
  • Membranes are highly selective and offer a continuous high flux operation
  • Water produced is highly pure and can be reprocessed
  • It is a low energy process

Established industrial applications of pervaporation include:

  • Treatment of wastewater contaminated with organics
  • Recovery of valuable organic compounds from process streams
  • Dehydration of organic solvent-water solutions
  • Harvesting of organic substances from fermented broth

Other products separated or purified by pervaporation include alcohols (methanol, ethanol, propanol, buthanol, benzyl alcohol), ketones (acetone, MIBK), aromatics (benzene, toluene, phenol), esters (methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, buthyl acetate) amines (triethylamine, pyridine, aniline) aliphatics (chlorinated hydrocarbons) and ethers (THF, dioxane).


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Hydro Air Research Italia
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