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Hydro Air Research Italia  has developed a reverse osmosis system able to concentrate the total dissolved solids to higher levels than the ones reachable with the traditional reverse osmosis systems, with better energy efficiency and optimal membranes performance. This patented system is called NARO SYSTEM.

NARO SYSTEM is a multistage system with feed and bleed configuration, i.e. with continuous discharge of the concentrated phase, that with a variable distribution of the operating pressure in the loops gives the following advantages compared with the traditional systems:

  • lower energy consumption
  • best performance of the membranes, in terms of rejection and fluxes
  • investment and operating costs more competitive

NARO SYSTEM is extremely flexible as regards operating parameters; for example, the working pressure, that is the main operating parameter driving the volumetric concentration factor as well as the permeate flux, also influenced by the dissolved solids content, is automatically controlled in a wide range, up to 120 bar. In NARO SYSTEM the membrane area is distributed in a series of independent loops (each composed by recirculation pump, instrumentation, membranes), with series/parallel configuration of the membranes depending on the characteristics of the fluid to be treated.

The complete unit is made up by pre-feed line, pretreatment and conditioning of the liquid, pumping group for pressurizing the liquid in the loops and CIP system for automatic cleaning.


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Hydro Air Research Italia
Hydro Air Research Italia

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