Hydro Air Research Italia
5 AUG 2022

Hydro Air Research Italia acquired by GMM Pfaudler


Hydro Air Research Italia acquired by GMM Pfaudler

The GMM Pfaudler Group (“GMM Pfaudler”; www.gmmpfaudler.com) has completed, effective August 3rd, 2022, the signing and closing process for the acquisition of Hydro Air Research Italia (www.hydair.com) from the holding company Ainvest Private Equity S.r.l. assisted by the Corporate Finance Advisors Caretti & Associati S.r.l. and by the Law Firm Nunziante Magrone. 

GMM Pfaudler has been advised by Shearman & Sterling LLP and their associated office SLA Shearman & Sterling in Milan.  

Hydro Air Research Italia is an Italian company specializing in process and wastewater applications, and in particular, membrane separation technologies. It was established in 1979 as a private enterprise with know-how in the design and manufacture of membrane separation systems for industrial process applications.  

Since then, the Company has gained expertise in process and wastewater applications working through lab testing, pilot scale testing; and industrial plants focusing on membrane separation technologies.

Industrial process applications include biotechnology and pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications.  Further, it includes industrial effluent treatment through separation technologies, such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, as well as pervaporation and evaporation.

Hydro Air Research Italia has developed “zero discharge water recycling” plants with the goal to obtain water suitable to reuse or to discharge according to the increasing stringent environmental legislations. 

As a result of the acquisition, Hydro Air Research Italia will have access to the GMM Pfaudler global sales and service organizations in all continents, this being an excellent opportunity for further and quick growth.  

At the same time, GMM Pfaudler gains expertise into process and wastewater engineering know-how by enlargening the portfolio offering in the area of membrane separation systems. 

This acquisition is a strategic fit and will reinforce the GMM Pfaudler Group strategy of growing profitably and creating long term value for the shareholders. 
Hydro Air Research Italia has their offices and a warehouse in Merlino (Lodi), close to Milan, and a representative office in Beijing. 

Currently the company has a team of 15 people.

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Hydro Air Research Italia
Hydro Air Research Italia

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