Hydro Air Research Italia
23 MAY 2022

Ceramic membranes


Hydro air Research Italia has extensive expertise in the use of ceramic membranes, for microfiltration and ultrafiltration applications.

Ceramic membranes are characterized by wide chemical resistance and very long lifetime; this makes ceramic an optimal solution for challenging applications (e.g. pH extremes, presence of organic solvents, high temperature) and all applications prone to heavy fouling (e.g. fermentation broth, oily solutions), where membrane flux can always be regenerated through strong cleaning if needed.

Hydro Air Research Italia made the first plant with ceramic membranes in 1983 and has successfully installed so far more than hundred plants worldwide, from few square meters up to the largest ever on fermentation broth (5760 m2).

Ceramic Membranes

Hydro Air Research Italia, as tailor made membrane system manufacturer, is able to provide plants in compliance with ATEX for classified areas or GMP/FDA rules depending on the specific application and/or customer requirement.

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Hydro Air Research Italia
Hydro Air Research Italia

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