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Hydro Air Research Italia is a leading membrane company specialized in tailored design and manufacturing of membrane filtration systems. By working through lab tests, pilot scale tests and industrial plants, Hydro Air Research Italia has developed its own know-how on several process applications, becoming one of the leaders in membrane separation technology. Today Hydro Air Research Italia has grown into an enterprise which enjoys worldwide recognition, with enquires coming from Europe, Americas as well as Middle and Far East.

The mission of the membrane company is to design and manufacture advanced separation systems (skid mounted units and/or turn key plants) for process application and waste water treatment. Hydro Air Research Italia systems are usually designed in close cooperation with customers from pilot plant trials, design engineering, construction through start-up. Thanks to its extended experience, Hydro Air Research Italia develops customized equipment and provides tailored services, starting from the available data and integrating them with on-field pilot trials. Working in membrane separation technologies for more than 35 years, the wide expertise and the deep knowledge of membranes are allowing Hydro Air Research Italia to offer the most suitable solution to solve every problem.

Hydro Air Research

Membrane Technology

The italian membrane company covers all the range of membrane processes, from Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration through Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis to Electrodialysis.

Depending on the purpose of the separation, Hydro Air Research Italia supplies different type of membranes, characterized by different material of construction, configuration and selectivity. Organic and inorganic membranes, spiral wound and hollow fiber, tubular and plate type can be selected depending on the application and on process requirements.

The membrane technology offers several advantages over other available separation methods, including:

  • accurate separation of multiple flows
  • lower risk of causing damage especially in the case of heat-sensitive products
  • no loss of nutritional values or clinical efficacy
  • lower energy consumption
  • lower waste disposal costs
  • higher investment returns
  • greater flexibility for the development of new products.

Membrane Process Technologies

Membrane Process Technologies

Hydro Air Research Italia covers a large range of technologies in membrane filtration, including: Reverse Osmosis,Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration.

The use of a particular membrane technology by Hydro Air Research Italia throughout the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries depends on the objective of the separation process, on different material of construction, flux and selectivity.

Membrane Process Applications

Membrane Process Applications

Working for over 35 years through laboratory tests, pilot scale tests and industrial plants, the membrane company has acquired extensive experience and know-how in various processes and application fields. Industrial process applications include biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, as well as applications in the food and dairy sectors, and in the chemical and petrochemical sector.

Hydro Air Research Italia designs and supplies complete membrane plants: from the dimensioning, through the implementation, up to the starting. The selection of membranes is carried out based on the application and the process requirements.

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