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Food and dairy

Food & Dairy

Considering the increasing demand on products purity levels, specially in food and dairy, separation is the most powerful of separation technologies for purification processes, mainly for impurities that are difficult to separate by conventional separation methods and for products concentration.

Market specific applications include:

  • Milk concentration
  • Whey fractionation/concentration
  • Fruit juice clarification/concentration
  • Alcohol cleaning-up
  • Sugars clarification/concentration
  • Saccharified clarifications/filtration
  • Food dye desalting/concentration
  • Starch recovery
  • Gelatine concentration
  • Pectin concentration
  • Vinegar clarification
  • Wine clarification
  • Low alcoholic beer production
  • Beer recovery from bottom tanks.
NARO System NARO System NARO System

NARO System



Ultrafiltration System Ultrafiltration System Ultrafiltration System

Ultrafiltration System



NARO System NARO System NARO System

NARO System



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Hydro Air Research Italia
Hydro Air Research Italia

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